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Live the Mission. Support your Discipleship Experience. 

North Texas Giving Day is on September 22. Don't want to wait? Early Giving is available now!

Since its founding in 2009, NTX Giving Day has inspired people to get up and give, resulting in increased donations and services provided in North Texas.

Last year, you helped us surpass our goal and raise over $35,000 with the goal of using the funds to improve our discipleship and community experience. We have begun the process of using these funds to build a coffee shop area in the Great Hall Foyer. But to continue these efforts, we are going to need your help! 


This year, we have updated our goal to $100,000! Our Mission Statement of Matthew 28 highlights the importance of building community and forming disciples. The funds we raise during North Texas Giving Day will help us do exactly that! The funds will contribute to renovating the Great Hall Foyer into a community and discipleship space complete with a coffee shop. The funds will also benefit our youth program.

Great Hall Foyer
Architectural Plan

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Presentation Boards Reduced[8]_Page_3.png

Ready to take it up a notch?

Interested in being a matching donor? Dollar-for-dollar matching funds are a great way to inspire people to give and to help us reach our goal on NTX Giving Day. Would you be interested in supporting our mission this year by providing a matching fund that we could promote and leverage on NTX Giving Day? By matching gifts, you demonstrate your commitment to our mission here at St. Francis. Also, your help with a match- ing fund will encourage donors to rise to the challenge on September 22.

For more information, contact Deacon Alex Barbieri at

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